Deliver a message with creative excellence while globalizing:

Tran­scre­ation is the cre­ative adap­ta­tion of mar­ket­ing, sales and adver­tis­ing copy in the tar­get lan­guage. It involves chang­ing both words and mean­ing of the orig­i­nal copy while keep­ing the atti­tude and desired per­sua­sive effect.

At World Connection, we spe­cial­ize in tran­scre­ation.

Transcreation: how does it work?

The process of tran­scre­ation is more time-consuming and cre­ative than a direct trans­la­tion. We invest time to under­stand your brand and explore ways to best con­vey the mes­sage. We ensure accu­racy, cul­tural rel­e­vance and cre­ative excel­lence. The end prod­uct is an adapted adver­tis­ing mes­sage that is as effec­tive and per­sua­sive as the original.

We translate:
  • Adver­tise­ments (print, online, broad­cast, out­door)
  • Taglines/Slogans
Languages: We specialize in 3 languages to ensure top quality transcreation services:
  • French
  • English
  • Spanish